Just the Data You Need

While traditional OCR captures all raw data within a document, Papirus AI, powered by artificial intelligence, selectively extracts only the essential information you require.

Instant Onboarding

Set up an automated data capture and classification structure for your documents within hours using Papirus AI.


Handles It All

With Papirus AI, you won't be left to navigate the complexities of packaged solutions on your own. Our service takes care of the entire process for you.

How Does It Work?


Scan the documents.


Automatically classify documents.


Automatically extract the desired data from the documents.


When needed, browse to verify the extracted data.


Transfer the data to the relevant systems.

Transform Time Into Tangible Value


Seamlessly capture data from your documents in an instant. With its seamless integrations, Papirus AI ensures your data flows effortlessly into your connected systems.

All Types Of Documents

Unlike conventional OCR products, we transcend boundaries by effortlessly extracting data from semi-structured or unstructured documents that deviate from standard templates. Embrace a new era of data capture and let Papirus AI reshape the way you perceive document processing.

Pre-trained Models

Our AI models have been meticulously trained to understand and interpret diverse document types. Harness the accuracy of AI to streamline your document processing workflows.

Verification Interface

Experience a smooth and intuitive human verification process with our UX-designed interface. Ensure data accuracy with a user-friendly verification screen that complements the prowess of AI.

Expertise In AI-Based OCR Services


Papirus AI crafts customized solutions for all your document capture projects, accompanying you every step of the way.

Aligning with Your Business Objectives

We share your objectives in data capture projects involving your documents.

AI-Based Document Capture

Bid farewell to the need for coordinate-based specifications for each document. Experience intelligent document capture with us.

Expert, Focused

Our sole mission is automating data capture from documents. Our unwavering dedication is towards minimizing your manual data entry workload.