The PDF OCR application is a helpful tool for converting scanned documents into editable text.

Utilizing data from office applications like Word and Excel is a straightforward task in our daily routines. However, with the rise of pdf as a commonly used format, extracting information from these documents has become crucial. Unfortunately, the same level of ease does not apply when it comes to performing pdf ocr.

Obtaining consistent data from them is extremely challenging, as even utilizing copy and paste functions does not yield the desired outcome. In fact, procuring the paintings from them is equally arduous.

PDF OCRing is essential in this scenario as it guarantees that data can be processed effectively. Without it, there is a risk of data being misrepresented. As a result, businesses often encounter significant difficulties when attempting to extract data from PDFs.

What is the process behind PDF OCR?

The following are the fundamental methods for capturing data in PDFs:

Manually copy and paste.

By manual data entry, they realized that it would take significant time and effort to input all the information manually

Opting for PDF converters,

Incorporating automated data capture solutions.

Utilizing manual data entry and copy and paste methods not only demands significant effort, but also incurs high costs. Additionally, these methods are prone to various types of errors, leading to inefficiency within enterprises.

PDF converters are widely favored by users due to their ability to swiftly extract data. Being software-based, they require a certain level of proficiency. Nevertheless, they may not always yield precise outcomes for all document formats, typically producing XML and XLS results. These outputs often necessitate further manipulation before they can be deemed suitable for final usage. It should also be noted that PDF converters are not typically equipped for batch processing and are better suited for handling individual documents.

Applications that automate the process of converting PDFs into machine-readable text.

How to PDF OCR in Papirus AI?

Papirus AI stands out for its comprehensive solution to extracting data from PDFs. It is dependable, speedy, cost-effective, secure, and scalable. Moreover, it can handle both scanned documents and native PDF files with ease. As one of the leading OCR applications, Papirus AI utilizes a combination of OCR, image processing, and artificial intelligence to ensure unparalleled accuracy. In short, the key benefits of utilizing Papirus Digital include:

There is no need to reformat the data obtained from a PDF. The file already presents the information in the desired format.

You won’t face any issues with Turkish characters.

The data can also be obtained in a structured format of your choice, such as tables and rows.

The document’s features will not impose any restrictions for you.

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