Questions to Ask When Choosing an OCR Solution

OCR Buyers Guide

5 Headlines in OCR Buyer’s Guide

Reports show that the OCR market is growing at an accelerating pace every day. This shows that OCR has become an important part of digitalization and automation. So what should we consider when choosing the most efficient, ideal OCR solution? We have examined this issue under 5 main headings:

1- Product/Seller Vision

  • Is the product’s main target audience compatible with yours in terms of sector and size? Are you in the target area of the product?
  • Does the product sector have a good understanding of your processes and needs or does it approach your process as just reading a document?
  • How far away from the product do you buy from the supplier? From the company that created the product? A business partner? From your business partner’s business partner?
  • What is the level of support for the product? Is it dependent on foreign countries for any point of support?
  • Are the functions at a level that can be met from within the product or are they dependent on the technical person in the company?

2- Are the Technical Specifications of the Product Powerful Enough?

  • Can the product handle structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents?
  • Can he/she read tables/rows?
  • Does it make use of artificial intelligence algorithms?
  • Does Turkish have OCR capability?
  • Can it also process documents with poor image quality?
  • Is document processing speed performance high?
  • Does it offer a validation interface? If so, how user-friendly is it?

3- Integration

  • Can the product be easily integrated with existing infrastructures? Does it have APIs for simple use?
  • RPA etc. compatible with other work tools?
  • What is the level of IT dependency?
  • How long does it take to create a new project?

4- Scaling

  • Does the product allow for easy and fast growth? Is it suitable for horizontal growth, document processing (parallel processing)?
  • How flexible is it in terms of change and demand management?

5- Price

  • Are they sold in foreign currencies? We should not forget the uncertainties in exchange rates!
  • Can project costs be estimated from day one? Is the cost impact of possible changes foreseeable?

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